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Cardano: Community Makes Stunning Prediction on Network Growth in Next Bull Cycle

15 Oct, 20222 min readAnalytics
Cardano: Community Makes Stunning Prediction on Network Growth in Next Bull Cycle

The Cardano community continues to hold onto a positive view of the network's "best days" being ahead. A Cardano-focused Twitter account ADA whale has gone ahead to make a stunning prediction of what might happen on the network once the bear market has ended.

ADA whale predicts that in the next bull run, the best DeFi trading platform will be on Cardano. Additionally, he foresees that the biggest book NFT platform backed by well-known companies in publishing would be on Cardano, as well as a fast-growing mobile network and the biggest DID project.

He says that Cardano has weathered both "bulls and bears" scenarios, hence he remains confident in making such predictions.

TOP 10 MARKET CAP IN CRYPTO MARKET OVERTIMEActually, to be more precisely, Cardano has always been in the top 5 of the largest coins in this market. What an achievement in both the 2021 bull and 2022 bear market!#crypto $ADA #cardano— Cardano Daily (@cardano_daily) October 10, 2022

Cardano has maintained its position in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization for the last seven quarters, according to an infographic released by Cardano Daily. This remains an achievement in both the bull market of 2021 and the bear market of 2022.

Negative sentiment on rise

Cardano fan and founder of Crypto Capital Dan Gambardello claims that many people appear to be giving up on cryptocurrencies, particularly on Cardano. He emphasizes that even though this season probably presents the most opportunities, this social sentiment data point needs to be taken into consideration. This is essential because the negative sentiment is a comparable data point to the last bear market lows.

Before this, Gambardello predicted that the bear market may be in its latter stages and that Cardano will thrive during the ensuing bull market. The ADA price has underperformed this year owing to the prevalent bearish market conditions. At the time of publication, Cardano (ADA) was changing hands at $0.368, down 3% in the last 24 hours.

In positive news, Cardano DEX SundaeSwap has marked a historic milestone in its scaling journey in its most recent Hydra implementation.


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