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How To Buy RIA | Calvaria’s Token Is On Presale And It’s Selling Out Fast

26 Oct, 20224 min readOther
How To Buy RIA | Calvaria’s Token Is On Presale And It’s Selling Out Fast

The end of 2022 is seeing some stellar projects launch their presales. Despite the year being a tough one for the market, investors seem to be showing a great deal of interest in projects that are building ecosystems with genuine value.

The P2E game is a prime example of this. This niche has been steadily growing since 2021, but there has been a lull since projects essentially began to offer the same product in a different skin. However, there is one notable exception that is attracting many investors to its presale: Calvaria.

Here, we explain how to buy RIA, Calvaria’s native token. We also explain why crypto enthusiasts are so eager to play the Calvaria game, describing the features and benefits of entering the ecosystem.

How to Buy RIA

Calvaria is currently in the first stage of its presale, with the RIA token being sold at a price of $0.01 per token. The token can be purchased with ETH or stablecoins, with 1 USDT netting you 100 RIA. There will be 30 million RIA tokens available in this first stage, with 270 million allocated for the remaining stages. The RIA token will see its price increase in the upcoming stages of the presale, up to $0.0325.

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Buying RIA is quite easy. To start with, head over to the Calvaria website and click the “Buy Now” button. You’ll then be taken to the Calvaria presale page, where you should click the “Connect Wallet” button – and you’ll get the options of MetaMask and Trust Wallet. You can also buy RIA with a credit card.

We’ll assume you have the funds in your crypto wallet (either ETH or USDT) to buy RIA. After having connected your wallet, select the token you’re using for the purchase swap and the amount. Follow the steps and the purchase will be complete! The tokens will be available at launch.

The best time to enter the Calvaria presale is during this first stage. The RIA token price will only increase in future presales and investors are already rushing to get the tokens at the cheapest price.

Why Calvaria is Stirring up the P2E Market

Calvaria is catching a lot of attention for a variety of reasons – primarily the fact that it boasts several features and is a very accessible game. Add to that the fact that each of the in-game factions has a stunning design and backstory and you get a game that is attractive to even those who don’t have much experience with card battlers.

The unique features which are making Calvaria so popular.

One aspect of Calvaria that should be emphasized is how accessible it is. The game is available on both desktop and mobile devices – and you don’t even need a crypto wallet to get started. The game will be available in both Play-to-Earn and Free-to-Play versions. The combination of the latter version and the fact that you don’t need any crypto assets to get started means even the least tech-savvy of individuals can enter the ecosystem.

Of course, the P2E version has a few features unavailable in the other versions, like the ability to receive royalty payments, wager on tournaments, and sell decks, cards, and upgrades. As for other features, Calvaria will have staking for the RIA token, a scholarship system, mini-games, and an in-game store. You can learn about all of these features in the Calvaria whitepaper.

Investors are Buying Calvaria’s RIA Early

NFT games have been lighting the market, but none have been making quite a debut like Calvaria. The Calvaria presale is proving to be one of the hottest developments in the space, as proven by the number of participants. If you’d like to learn more about the game, check out the Calvaria whitepaper.

Check out the Calvaria presale


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