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Ever since my first keynote in the crypto space in London May 2018, which might as well be last century for how long ago that feels like, I’ve been talking about the oceans in this space. You might feel like it’s not personal, until you go diving and swimming in paradise, but slimy garbage starts hitting your face.

Docs like Seaspiracy really drive it home, how the mafia is in charge from both the criminal and corporate side simultaneously.

Watch a 3-minute video about the #BitcoinForCorals project now starting in Phuket, Thailand.

Buy the NFT on Opensea on VESA’s verified account.


What you are buying for 1 ETH?

  • 1/100 motion artwork by VESA with a soundtrack by Qvantvm
  • The work has a AR function, so via the Artivive app, the still image comes alive
  • Access to physically sign the artwork, and a permission to use it for your crypto company & personal media associated with Coach K and Oceans & Us
  • A road map drop of bonus content, more NFTs and clarity on how the money was spent to benefit the local corals scene of Thailand
  • Good karma
  • Watch Andreas Antonopoulos on Bitcoin being a green coin

    Oceans & US

    The Main Challenges:

  • The charity models are broken. Most charities ahem been exposed to use most of the funds in sustaining themselves as opposed to the fund raised causes.
  • Our oceans are close to breaking point, as illustrated well by the documentary Seaspiracy on Netflix.
  • Artists aren’t usually funded nor well compensated for participating in charitable causes.
  • There is an army of artists ready to do sustainable growth social impact work, if their already massively difficult to achieve livelihoods are somewhat well compensated. Social impact work is the kind of thing artists actually care about. It’s a breath in, breath out principle. These are new economies that scale in numbers, and birth new movement towards the good. There is little to no bureaucracy and fast motion.

    The project not only wants to direct help the cause but serve as the future model of how artists, companies, DAO’s and org’s can work together for impact.

    This way we can preserve the ocean as it often is in our minds.


    Life sustaining.


    Official page for the collaboration on Art For Crypto

    Coach K ConferenceOceans & US Qvantvm

    V E S ACrypto & NFT ArtistAll links to physical, NFTs, and more below


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