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Bitcoin Price Crash Below $19K, DXY Climbs Above $110, This Should be a Wake-Up Call for Bulls!

7 Sep, 20222 min readBitcoin
Bitcoin Price Crash Below $19K, DXY Climbs Above $110, This Should be a Wake-Up Call for Bulls!

Bitcoin price remained passive while the market sentiments lept on coiling ahead of the Bellatrix upgrade. Interestingly, as soon as the upgrade went live, BTC prices along with the major altcoins & ETH prices dropped heavily. Presently, Bitcoin is finding it extremely difficult to regain levels above $19000 as the strengthening DXY Index is causing a major hurdle.

Therefore, the Bitcoin Bulls have to wake up and hold the BTC price, or else a new yearly appears imminent!

The BTC price which is currently $50,000 below the November highs, appears to slash another 15% in the coming days, as the US Dollar is gaining immense strength. The DXY Index has climbed above $100 and despite immense bearish pressure, displays the possibility to form new highs every new day.

As seen in the above chart, the DXY Index marked a 20-year high and is poised to continue surging ahead. Presently, the price is testing one of the pivotal resistance zones between $110 and $111.5. If the index clears these levels successfully, it may be a huge nightmare for Bitcoin price & entire crypto space.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Yet to Reach the Bottoms

A popular analyst, il Capo of Crypto who constantly warned about the upcoming bearish trend of BTC price while the asset traded above $22,500, has now set the bottoms for the asset at around $16,000. As per the analyst, the price is mirroring a previous action which may drag the price close to or below $16,000.

However, the downfall appears to be a trap and if the price closes the day’s trade in between $18,900 or $19,000, then it may be a decent start to a rebound ahead. Further, the rebound could be validated once the Bitcoin(BTC) price reclaims the $19,500 level. Until then, the asset may remain within the bearish captivity, flashing the possibility to form new bottoms soon.


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