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Best Crypto PR Agency: Top 7 Options for 2022

5 Oct, 20225 min readOther
Best Crypto PR Agency: Top 7 Options for 2022

As the crypto market continues to grow exponentially, the need for committed, intentional, and well-tailored public relations [PR] and marketing tactics to propel and accelerate brand recognition itensifies. Emerging NFT, DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse, and crypto projects have sought the services of crypto PR agencies to help secure coverage in some of the top media companies and websites like Forbes, CoinTelegraph, Bloomberg, Coindesk, Yahoo Finance, The Entrepreneur, etc.

Crypto PR agencies offer digital media, public relations, and marketing services designed to help blockchain-based projects get the needed exposure and visibility.

This piece will discuss the top 7 crypto PR agencies of 2022.


FINPR is a renowned crypto PR agency that aims to give you, the project developer, access to full media coverage, therefore increasing brand recognition. With over five years of experience in the PR industry, FINPR Agency has worked with over 200 clients, has had over a thousand publications on highly-rated crypto media sites, and has over 120 media outlets under its coverage.

As one of the best crypto PR agencies of 2022, FINPR offers tons of services such as

  • Public Relations Services
  • Personal Branding
  • Content Creation Services
  • Crypto, NFT, DeFi, Crypto Exchange, and Tech PR Services.
  • Press Releases
  • FINPR incorporates blockchain and crypto marketing services into its arsenal. The experienced PR team employs YouTube and Twitter influencers to increase clients’ project audience across Europe and Asia. Additionally, FINPR also helps with listings on crypto exchanges.

    Are you having a hard time getting listed on an exchange or a crypto analytics website? FINPR is here to help.

    2. Enzo PR Agency

    Enzo PR Agency is a team of professional marketers, journalists, contributors, and authors from some of the biggest media sites in the space. The Enzo PR team understands the importance of PR in the crypto industry, offering project developers an opportunity to have their stories told on some of the most significant websites.

    Enzo provides a wide range of PR packages, such as

  • Sponsored and non-promotional feature articles.
  • Brand mention pieces.
  • Personal quotes and complete interview package.
  • PR packages.
  • Enzo Agency has worked with various brands in the crypto world and has been published in Forbes, The Entrepreneur, CoinTelegraph, etc.

    3. Melrose PR

    Melrose PR is a crypto PR agency focused on web 3.0 projects and companies, as stated on the website. The PR agency hopes to achieve predetermined goals by employing tested-and-proven tactics and strategies in media relations, leadership development, brand mentions, etc.

    The Melrose PR team understands that web 3.0 is still a developing trend, hence the decision to regularly share insights and information about this emerging trend with the public through effective media relationships and values. Melrose PR offers a series of services, including but not limited to these:

  • Strategy
  • Press Relations
  • Content Creation
  • Thought Leadership.
  • Melrose has worked with numerous brands in the trillion-dollar space like the others.

    4. ReBlonde PR

    ReBlonde is an innovative crypto PR agency with a focus on health-related technologies, NFT and crypto marketing services, and all forms of technological structures. ReBlonde comprises a team of early crypto and blockchain enthusiasts with the marketing and communications prowess to drive project visibility and brand recognition.

    ReBlonde aims to put your crypto and NFT projects right in the face of reporters, users, and investors. To achieve this feat, the top PR agency offers these services:

  • NFT Marketing Services
  • Crypto PR
  • Health Technology PR
  • ReBlonde has won several awards since its launch, and the team is committed to delivering substantial and sustainable results to clients.

    5. SlicedBrand

    SlicedBrand is a crypto PR agency specializing in telling heartfelt, strategic stories that are sure to catch the attention of investors. As one of the top PR agencies of the last three years, SlicedBrand is committed to getting your projects—NFTs, DeFi, and crypto—the media coverage they require to grow.

    SlicedBrand has worked and partnered with several brands, servicing them in these areas:

  • PR Strategy
  • Speaking Opportunities
  • Brand Messaging
  • Media Insights
  • Thought Leadership
  • 6. Wachsman

    Wachsman is a crypto PR agency with unparalleled management and navigation capabilities. The agency delivers a genuine blend of tactical and well-researched counsel to next-gen project developers, helping them reach and exceed outlined marketing and visibility goals.

    Wachsman is more than just a PR agency; it is a client-powered community for developers looking to kick-start marketing campaigns. Wachsman is involved with start-ups and all kinds of PR projects. Some of its services include:

  • Business Expansion
  • Brand Growth and Reputation
  • Funds and Investments
  • Wachsman seeks to meet the marketing and media needs of clients through a set of tested-and-proven strategies.

    7. PMBC Group

    Based in Los Angeles, PMBC is a renowned PR agency with many clients in the crypto and tech industries. Comprising a team of innovative marketing and media experts, PMBC is committed to executing result-oriented marketing campaigns with predetermined goals.

    PMBC Group aims to solve a project’s media, strategy, and marketing needs. The USA-based PR firm offers these services:

  • Crypto
  • Wellness/ Health Tech
  • Thought Leadership
  • Fintech
  • Entertainment Tech
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