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8 Best Crypto Under $1 to Invest in 2022

26 Oct, 202215 min readOther
8 Best Crypto Under $1 to Invest in 2022

Looking to invest in cheap crypto assets priced at $1 or under?

If so, this guide reveals the eight best cryptos under $1 to consider right now.

We cover a variety of projects across multiple use cases and market capitalizations – so read on to find a suitable crypto under $1.

The 8 Best Crypto Under $1 to Buy Now

Those without the required time to read this article in full can find the eight best crypto under $1 to buy right now:

  • Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best Crypto Under $1
  • IMPT – Gain Exposure to Carbon Credits Now to Obtain the First-Mover Advantage
  • Calvaria – Allocate Funds to This Up-And-Coming P2E Gaming Ecosystem
  • Tamadoge – Exciting P2E Game With Crypto Rewards and NFT Ownership
  • Lucky Block – High-Growth NFT Competition Project With Low Market Cap
  • Shiba Inu – Popular Altcoin With Big Plans to Lead the Metaverse Race
  • MANA – Undervalued Metaverse Coin Crypto With Lots of Use Cases
  • Cronos – Invest in the Growth of
  • Read on for more in-depth fundamental and technical analysis of the best crypto under $1 for long-term growth.

    1. Dash 2 Trade – Overall Best Crypto Under $1

    Dash 2 Trade is the overall best project that we came across when searching high and low for top cryptocurrencies under $1. In fact, the D2T token – which is the native digital asset of the Dash 2 Trade analytics terminal, can be purchased right now for just $0.05. This is because D2T tokens are currently being offered via a hugely popular presale campaign.

    In just a few days since going live, the presale has already raised more than $2 million. The hard cap will likely be reached within the next few weeks. However, the presale increases in price as each batch of D2T tokens are sold, so early investors will get the most favorable entry point possible.

    In terms of its use case, D2T tokens are required to access the full features available on the Dash 2 Trade terminal. Having had early access to its alpha launch, the Dash 2 Trade terminal offers an unprecedented range of tools, features, and data that cannot be found on ‘free’ analytics websites.

    For example, the dashboard offers insight into social metrics. This means that it scans leading social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter to assess which coins are trending and whether this represents a viable trading opportunity. On-chain analytics, such as whale movements and the so-called smart money, is also available on the terminal.

    Dash 2 Trade also offers trading competitions with winners collecting a tranche of D2T tokens. Moreover, the terminal provides cutting-edge trading signals to its subscribers. Each signal highlights the coin, whether traders should go long or short, and the best entry price. Signals also come with risk management orders across both stop-losses and take-profits.

    Crucially, as noted above, D2T tokens have an actual use case and thus – there is every chance that this project represents the overall best cryptos under $1. What’s more, Dash 2 Trade is giving away $150k worth of D2T tokens to one lucky winner.

    Entry to the giveaway requires a minimum of $150 in D2T tokens. Additionally, free entries can be obtained by completing various tasks, such as following and retweeting Dash 2 Trade on social media. Investors can download the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper for more details in addition to joining the Telegram group (admins will not DM you first, beware of impersonators).

    Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale Now

    2. IMPT – Gain Exposure to Carbon Credits Now to Obtain the First-Mover Advantage

    Another way to secure the first-mover advantage is to invest in the IMPT presale. Just like the previously discussed Dash 2 Trade, IMPT is offering its native digital tokens at preferential prices. Early investors will pay just $0.018 for each IMPT token purchase. Do note, however, that once the first batch of presale tokens is sold, IMPT increases to $0.023 per token.

    Once again, this highlights that the earlier the investment is made, the more favorable the entry price. The IMPT whitepaper is a fascinating read but to summarize – the project is building an ecosystem that brings blockchain technology to the ever-growing carbon credit space. Carbon credits can be obtained simply by buying IMPT tokens.

    The IMPT ecosystem then serves token holders with a variety of purposes. For example, IMPT enables investors to speculate on carbon credits, insofar as if global prices rise, this could be reflected in the value of the token. This is a market that many institutional investors are keeping an eye on, albeit, traditional OTC exchanges are not accessible for retail traders.

    As such, the IMPT carbon credit framework is inclusive to all. Moreover, IMPT will also enable businesses of all sizes to purchase additional carbon credits. After all, companies are limited in the amount of emissions that can be released each year. If a company requires more than the respective annual allowance, it can simply head over to IMPT to buy carbon credits.

    To invest in the IMPT presale and secure one the best cryptos under $1 at just $0.05 per token, the process requires investors to swap ETH or USDT tokens. After the presale has finished, IMPT will then be listed on centralized exchanges. The IMPT Telegram group is the place to receive updates on the presale and future roadmap developments.

    Visit IMPT Presale Now

    3. Calvaria – Allocate Funds to This Up-And-Coming P2E Gaming Ecosystem

    Next up on this analysis of the best cryptos under $1 is Calvaria. By investing in this exciting play-to-earn gaming platform, a presale token price of just $0.01 can be obtained. Just like the Dash 2 Trade and IMPT presales, the price of the token – RAI, increases as each batch is sold. As a result, $0.01 is the very best price that early investors can obtain.

    RAI, which is an ERC-20 token, is the in-game currency of the Calvaria ecosystem. It is used to buy and sell in-game assets and NFTs via a functional marketplace. RAI is also the in-game crypto asset that players can earn simply for playing the Calvaria game.

    The game itself is based on a fantasy battle card game. Players will have their NFT-backed cards that can be entered into battle. Some battle cards are better and rarer than others, which means that they have a better chance of defeating other players.

    Moreover, battle cards can be sold to other players directly on the Calvaria platform. Ultimately, the play-to-earn gaming space continues to grow year-on-year, not least because it offers a fairer and more transparent ecosystem for players, not to mention the opportunity to win rewards.

    As such, Calvaria certainly makes our list of the best cryptocurrency under $1. Finally, consider joining the Calvaria Telegram group to engage with existing and potential investors of the project.

    Visit Calvaria Presale Now

    4. Tamadoge – Exciting P2E Game With Crypto Rewards and NFT Ownership

    Tamadoge is another of the best cryptocurrency under $1 to invest in from within the play-to-earn gaming space. Its native TAMA token is one of the best-performing cryptocurrencies of the year. This is unprecedented considering that Tamadoge only completed its presale campaign several weeks ago. During which, more than $19 million was raised.

    TAMA was initially priced at $0.02 when it was listed on the OKX exchange. Fast forward just seven days and TAMA breached a price of $0.20. This highlights that even during an extended bearish cycle, there are many crypto under $1 that can generate gains of 10x and more.

    TAMA tokens have now entered a market correction and as of writing, are trading at just under $0.03. From the previous all-time high, this translates into an entry price discount of 85%. Furthermore, with a market capitalization of $25 million as of writing, TAMA tokens offer speculative investors plenty of upside to target in the long run.

    In terms of the Tamadoge game, players will first need to connect their wallet to the dashboard and mint a new NFT. This NFT will create a unique virtual Tamadoge pet that is owned by the respective user. Players will need to train and feed their pets to prepare them for Tamadoge battles, which offer the chance to win play-to-earn rewards via TAMA tokens.

    5. Lucky Block – High-Growth NFT Competition Project With Low Market Cap

    Due to its huge supply of 100 billion tokens, LBLOCK is trading at just $0.0002 at the time of writing. This means that with a capital outlay of just $500, investors can secure more than 2.5 million LBLOCK tokens. This could represent a superb long-term play, considering the performance of LBLOCK prior to the emergence of the bull market, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies under $1 to invest in now.

    Earlier in the year, LBLOCK rewarded presale investors with gains of 60x in approximately one month of trading. This resulted in an all-time high price of $0.009. Equally, investors entering the market now will pay 97% less than the former all-time high, which will perhaps suit those looking for a cheap cryptocurrency with huge upside potential.

    After all, Lucky Block continues to build and improve its NFT competition platform. Due to the nature of its prizes, which include $1 million worth of BTC tokens, it is only a matter of time before the project goes mainstream. As such, LBLOCK represents one of the best cryptocurrency under $1 to buy now.

    6. Shiba Inu – Popular Altcoin With Big Plans to Lead the Metaverse Race

    Shiba Inu is the cheapest cryptocurrency on this list, with one SHIB token costing just $0.00001. In turn, a capital outlay of $500 would yield more than 50 million tokens. This cheap entry price is reflected in the number of Shiba Inu tokens in supply, which totals one quadrillion.

    Nonetheless, Shiba Inu is a large-cap project with a valuation of over $5 billion as of writing. This is, however, a fraction of the $40 billion market capitalization that Shiba Inu breached in 2021. As a result, investors looking to enter a position in SHIB right now will get a discount of over 85%.

    Although Shiba Inu was initially created without any use cases, its anonymous developers are now working on building a metaverse world. The idea is that among other features, stakeholders will be able to buy virtual plots of land with SHIB tokens. Therefore, some argue that Shiba Inu is one of the best cryptocurrency under $1 right now.

    7. MANA – Undervalued Metaverse Coin Crypto With Lots of Use Cases

    Although Shiba Inu has metaverse ambitions, Decentraland is far ahead in this space. Decentraland is already being utilized by users from all over the world to socialize, play games, build communities, and even purchase virtual plots of land.

    In fact, some of the so-called prime real estate in the Decentraland metaverse has sold for six and even seven figures. The digital currency that sits at the heart of the Decentraland economy is MANA.

    MANA is required to purchase, sell, and trade in-game assets – including virtual real estate and plots of land. MANA had a hugely successful 18 months between 2020 and 2021, before declining by nearly 90%.

    As such, MANA could be undervalued and thus – is one of the best cryptocurrency under $1 to buy today.

    8. Cronos – Invest in the Growth of

    The final project to be discussed on our list of the best cryptocurrency under $1 is Cronos – which trades at just $0.10 as of writing. Although Cronos already commands a market capitalization of over $2.5 billion, there is plenty of long-term upside to target.

    After all, Cronos is the native token of one of the world’s most popular blockchain ecosystems – At, investors can trade digital currencies, earn interest, borrow funds, buy NFTs, and more.

    And the Cronos token offers plenty of use cases for those utilizing one of the aforementioned services – such as lower trading fees and higher APYs. Considering that Cronos hit a 52-week high of $0.96 in 2021, current prices suggest that the digital asset could be undervalued.

    Should You Invest in Crypto Under $1?

    Before investing in the best cryptos under $1 that the market has to offer, be sure to make the following considerations:

    Market Value

    While many investors will look to buy cheap cryptocurrencies because of the low token price available, it is also important to assess the market valuation.

    The reason for this is that some cryptocurrencies are cheap simply because the project has a significant number of tokens in supply.

  • For example, we highlighted earlier that Shiba Inu tokens are changing hands at just $0.00001 as of writing.
  • However, this super-cheap price is largely because the total supply of Shiba Inu stands at one quadrillion tokens.
  • Therefore, even with such a low price, Shiba Inu carries a market capitalization of over $5 billion.
  • This means that the upside potential could be plentiful, but not as attractive as low-capitalized projects.
  • For example, the Dash 2 Trade presale is looking to raise just $40 million. This means that the D2T token will be listed on exchanges with an initial low valuation. In turn, investors have plenty of upside to target with this top crypto under $1.

    Greater Ownership

    Some investors will search for the best cryptos under $1 because they feel more comfortable buying a large number of tokens.

    For instance, the IMPT presale is selling its tokens at just $0.018 each. As such, a small investment of $250 would yield nearly 14,000 IMPT tokens.

    Compare this to Bitcoin, and the same investment would yield just 0.0125 of a BTC token, based on prices as of writing.

    Ideal for Diversification

    Due to the cheap nature and the sheer number of cheap cryptocurrencies in the market, diversification has never been easier.

    For example, this guide has ranked eight of the best crypto under $1. However, there are thousands of other options in this market.

    How to Find the Top Cryptocurrencies Under $1

    Still searching for the best cryptos under $1 to buy?

  • To make an informed decision, the first step is to conduct plenty of research. Never buy a digital currency because of third-party advice.
  • Instead, read the project’s whitepaper and explore the credentials of the team, in addition to its long-term roadmap targets.
  • Additionally, assess the tokenomics of the crypto asset and evaluate whether there is likely to be demand for the tokens once the bear market is over.
  • Another way to find top cryptocurrencies under $1 is to search for upcoming presales.

    As we mentioned earlier, presale launches offer investors the opportunity to purchase tokens at a lower price, when compared to the initial exchange listing.

    Some presales offer an immediate upside before the fundraising campaign is over. For example, Dash 2 Trade initially offered its D2T token at a presale price of $0.0476.

    However, the price has since increased to $0.05. The final batch of D2T tokens will be sold at $0.0662, which offers an upside of approximately 40% for those that invested at $0.0476.

    How to Buy the Best Crypto Under $1

    In this section, we will explain the simple steps required to invest in the Dash 2 Trade presale campaign.

    Step 1: Download MetaMask

    The D2T presale is being hosted directly on the Dash 2 Trade website. To access the presale, investors will need to connect their wallet and swap USDT or ETH tokens.

    Although MetaMask comes via an app for Android and iOS, newbies might prefer the browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. This will enable the presale process to be conducted via a laptop or PC.

    Therefore, the initial step is to download MetaMask and set the wallet up by creating a password.

    Next, write down the backup passphrase displayed by MetaMask, which consists of 12 words.

    Step 2: Transfer USDT or ETH to MetaMask

    As noted above, investors will need to be in possession of USDT or ETH to gain exposure to the Dash 2 Trade presale.

    Those with tokens right now can simply transfer them to MetaMask. The wallet address can be found underneath ‘Account 1’, via the main MetaMask interface.

    Both USDT and ETH can alternatively be purchased from pretty much any crypto exchange. OKX, Binance, and FTX are popular options in this regard.

    Step 3: Connect to Dash 2 Trade Website

    At this stage, investors should have USDT or ETH and the tokens should be available in the MetaMask wallet.

    Next, visit the Dash 2 Trade website and connect the MetaMask wallet.

    This simply requires the investor to click ‘Connect Wallet’ below the presale order box.

    Step 4: Buy D2T Tokens

    After the wallet is connected to Dash 2 Trade, investors will have the option to specify the amount they wish to invest in the presale.

    Select from USDT or ETH and type in the number of D2T tokens to buy.

    After confirming the order, the USDT or ETH tokens will be deducted from MetaMask. The D2T tokens can be claimed after the presale concludes.

    Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale Now


    In this guide, we have analyzed and ranked the best cryptocurrencies under $1. Investing in cheap crypto assets potentially offers a favorable upside – especially once the broader markets recover.

    In the meantime, investors can continue to build a portfolio of undervalued cryptocurrencies. We particularly like the ongoing Dash 2 Trade presale, which is offering its D2T token at a huge discount.

    As of writing, this stands at just $0.05 per token. Once this current tranche of tokens is sold, the presale price of D2T will increase to $0.0513.

    Visit Dash 2 Trade Presale Now

    Image by Anand KZ from Pixabay


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