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Bakkt and Sullivan Bank Join Forces to Provide Crypto Trading for Clients

24 Aug, 20222 min readOther
Bakkt and Sullivan Bank Join Forces to Provide Crypto Trading for Clients

A recently published press release states that Bakkt Holdings will help Sullian Bank to begin providing crypto-related services to the bank's customers. They will be able to hold, sell and buy the two largest digital currencies.

*Sullivan Bank Partners With Bakkt to Offer Crypto Services for Customers$BKKT— *Walter Bloomberg (@DeItaone) August 24, 2022

Sullivan Bank to offer clients Bitcoin and Ethereum

Sullivan Bank, which was founded back in 1895, has struck a strategic partnership deal with a leading crypto trading platform for crypto trading, owned by Intercontinental Exchange.

The bank announced that it will start utilizing Bakkt Crypto Connect soon in order to allow its clients to buy, sell and hold the two most popular digital currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Sullivan Bank's clients will be able to enjoy the full package of services provided by Bakkt, which include not only trading and holding but also tax reporting, customer care, educational resources, the press release says.

Bakkt's Mark Elliot, who is in charge of Marketing and Sales at the company, assured that they will do their utmost to give the bank's users a seamless experience with crypto.

According to COO Mallory Farrel, the partnership emerged due to growing demand for crypto among institutional customers. He stressed that they will be able to not only buy and sell but also to store Bitcoin and Ethereum in their bank accounts.


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