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Ariva Coin Debuts on Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

8 Oct, 20213 min readOther
Ariva Coin Debuts on Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

Ariva’s token ARV has made its debut on cryptocurrency exchange The coin was listed on October 8th following a voting round that saw users vote for the project to be listed on the crypto exchange. is a top 10 cryptocurrency exchange that provides users a secure way to trade. Founded in 2013, the crypto exchange is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges.

This listing comes after the token had gotten listed on the top crypto exchange Bitmart, which serves over 2 million users worldwide.

About Ariva

Ariva is the project that brings crypto closer to the real world. Focusing on the tourism industry, Ariva provides travelers with memorable experiences on their journeys round the globe. It does this by providing travelers an easy way to pay with crypto, in addition to invaluable first-hand accounts from previous travelers who have been through the region.

Although only two months old, the project has seen tremendous growth. Ariva currently boasts more than 21,000 holders and is now listed on 11 exchanges. Its latest listing on brings the cryptocurrency to investors on an exchange that boasts over 1,000 cryptocurrencies ready to trade.

Perks Of Using Ariva

Ariva connects travelers to important services they need while on the go. It enables travelers to book hotels and pay for products and services using cryptocurrency. Its trusted network of travelers provides information to other travelers about places to visit through reviews, who in turn get rewarded for the information they provide. This helps travelers stay safe as they have handy information about which areas to visit and areas to avoid from other members of Ariva.Club.

Paying with Ariva.Finance is a seamless process. Users are provided wallets where they can store and spend their cryptocurrencies. Transactions are fast with minimal fees. The use of QR codes ensures that users are completely safe when paying with their wallets, and users do not have to worry about losing their bank cards or credit card fraud as Ariva eliminates the need to carry a card around in a foreign place.

A Peek Into The Future Of Tourism

Ariva’s native token ARV will help to facilitate transactions carried out by its users. The blockchain is structured in a way that payments are carried out similarly to existing POS and credit card transactions. But since this all happens on a blockchain and a QR code, users can pay anywhere, anytime using their ARV tokens without worrying about carrying fiat currency around.

Ariva aims to completely revolutionize the tourism industry with its wide variety of product offerings. Giving customers the flexibility to pay on the move with just their mobile phones, being on the move with no worry about how they will transact with the locals, and earning rewards while they’re at it.

To learn more about Ariva and its product offerings, head over to Ariva.World.


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