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Aptos (APT) Hyped Tokenomics Finally Unveiled Ahead Of Listing On Binance & FTX

18 Oct, 20222 min readOther
Aptos (APT) Hyped Tokenomics Finally Unveiled Ahead Of Listing On Binance & FTX

Layer 1 blockchain Aptos' token, APT, will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges tomorrow, Oct. 19. Among those that have announced the inclusion of APT in their quotation lists are Binance, FTX, OKX and Huobi. Aptos unveiled its long-awaited tokenomics today, a day before listing.

With the news of APT's listing, the crypto community erupted in criticism of the project. The lack of clear information on the tokenomics prophesied Aptos' fate as Dfinity (ICP), when the token was destroyed by a $400 to $5 dump due to countless early investor unlocks.

Thus, according to the Aptos Foundation, of the total APT offer of 1 billion tokens, 51.02% will go to the community, 19% to key developers, 13.48% to early investors and 16.5% to the blockchain's foundation. Importantly, investor and developer stakes will be partially locked in for four years from sale.

Aptos mainnet launches, community swears

The vesting calendar, more detailed tokenomics and APT inflation can be found directly in the Aptos foundation document. It may be noted that some of the risks of token dumping on the listing are eliminated, given the team and investor share data.

However, questions remain about blockchain's performance. Aptos currently has only 102 active validators, and the network is currently producing a TPS of just 4.02, which is very different from the claimed 100,000 TPS. The team claims that the mainnet, launched no earlier than a day ago, will pass more transactions and just needs to ramp up.


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