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ApeCoin Price Prediction 2022: Can $APE Price Reach Above $50?

7 May, 20229 min readAnalytics
ApeCoin Price Prediction 2022: Can $APE Price Reach Above $50?

Apecoin is a cryptocurrency that takes inspiration from renowned NFT collectables known as the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Which is the biggest NFT project by market capitalization. It left everyone astounded when the APE’s price hit the $24 mark on April 29th. In just a few days after its launch on March 17.

The market represents an assorted set of opinions on Apecoin. While some treat it as a meme coin, others expect its bubble to burst soon. However, the company behind the BAYC, Yuga Labs, is going beyond the level of inventiveness to drive metaverse culture via Apecoin.

The $APE Token (or $APE BAYC) was airdropped to all BAYC owners on March 17, 2022. The coin is an ERC-20 utility token that delegates the decentralized and open-source protocol layer of the APE ecosystem. Have you been considering APE for your portfolio, but concerned about its future prospects? Look no further as this writeup decodes the plausible prediction for 2022 and the years to come!


ApeCoin had made its presence on the 17th of March 2022, with a price tag of $0.9605. The massive spike on the very first day led to the wick brushing an ATH of $39.4. After a pullback to $8.5 on the 18th of March. The price escalated up to $15.32 by the 28th of March. ApeCoin was seen taking a slide to $10.65 by the 7th of April.

Whilst the digital had portrayed a leg up to $13.34 on the 13th of April. Traders extracting profits led to another fall to $11.73. It was on the 19th of April when an uptrend was seen forming. Which took the price to $27.54 by the 28th of April. Thereafter the crypto asset took a downswing which took the price to its press time levels of $13.65.

ApeCoin (APE) Price Prediction For Q2

If ApeCoin manages to gather the interest of buyers, the price could chug up to $14.62. With initiatives such as the alliance with Coinbase to release a three-part film, yielding the results. The altcoin could hit a maximum of $19.186.

On the flip side, if the marketers lose interest, the price could slump down to $11.697. Constrained by a linear price projection, the average price could settle at $16.36.

APE’s Price Forecast For Q3

ApeCoin’s hold on Web 3.0, DAO, and connections with BAYC and MAYC could bring in notable collaborations and adoptions. With more acceptance like that of, the price of APE could turn bullish on the charts. To claim its potential high of $27.802.

On the downside, negative criticism could bring the price down to $18.915. That said, a balance in trade pressures could land the price at $23.762.

ApeCoin Prediction For Q4

The fourth quarter could turn into a game-changer for ApeCoin if it witnesses possible integration to the metaverse. Moreover, the rise of DAOs would help demonstrate the practical value of APE. Wherefore, the altcoin could close the annual trade at its potential high of $42.098.

On the flip side, if the bears outweigh the bulls. The price could slump down to $24.98. Considering the bullish and bearish targets, the average price could settle at $35.585.

APE’s Price Forecast For 2023

Given that the quest has indeed begun growing out — forming its multiverse, cartoons to arranging real-life events, and among many other things. Things materializing as per the expectations could push the price to $91.16. However, the possibility of the project failing to its expectations cannot be ruled out. In such a case, the price of APE could stumble down to $44.308.

Price Prediction For The Next 5 Years

The makers of the digital asset have taken the industry by storm. The strong hold of BAYC NFTs has been a live wire in propelling the price of APE. If the things materialize as per the vision of the makers, and if NFTs, DAOs, and metaverse continue to entice folks. The price of the altcoin could propel to its potential high of $208.66. Conversely, ebbing dominance and potential rivals could bring the price down to $83.51.

What Does The Market Say?

Trading Beasts

Trading beast suggests the price of Apecoin to roam around the margin of $14 to $19. The platform is not so optimistic about the cost of Apecoin for the year and sets a maximum target of around $24.889 for the current year.

As per the forecast quoted by Trading beasts, the price of Ape can raise over $40 within three years. However, for the coming two years, the platform predicts the maximum price of the currency to lean up to $41.141. The minimum margin sticks around the price of $27.976.

Wallet Investor

According to the price forecast of Wallet Investor, the price of Apecoin can cross the margin of $54.064 by the end of the year 2024. Moreover, the maximum price is predicted to be over $64.050, with the lowest possible cost of $42.901.

The platform shows immense hope in the project and expects its price to jump over $100 in the next five years. However, for the current year, the cost of Ape is not likely to cross $30, and the maximum price will be around $29.08.

Digital Coin Price

As per the projection by Digital Coin Price, the price of APE is expected to stay at the level of $27.64. Also, in the next three years, ApeCoin is anticipated to bear a minimum cost of $26.30. Apart from this, the APE price is competent at reaching a maximum level of $33.98.

Digital Coin Price remains grounded on the price of Ape in the next three years. It does not expect it to go over $35 by the end of 2025. For the current year, it does not expect the price to go beyond a price scope of $21.


According to the prediction of Gov.Capital, the cryptocurrency potential value will be $28.44 for the year. Gov.Capital projects the maximum price of Apecoin to be at $71.50 by the end of 2024. The minimum and average expected prices are $52.8 and $62.18, respectively.

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What is ApeCoin (APE)?

ApeCoin is an ERC-20 token, a kind of Ethereum-based virtual currency. Nearly every major centralized crypto exchange listed the token nearly immediately after its release. ApeCoin had a market valuation of almost $2 billion just after a day of flowing into the market; one APE is worth approximately $14.

It’s essentially a reflection of an ambition to connect a variety of decentralized developments. Yuga Labs, the project’s inventors, have mentioned that ApeCoin will become the token and coin (APE token) for all innovative products that their corporation unveils, varying from the in currency to management tokens.

ApeCoin has indeed been created to release all of Yuga Lab’s plans for the future in the cryptocurrency world as both a virtual currency and an APE token for versatility. Beyond that, ApeCoin owners have the power to govern themselves by employing the decentralized governance framework that curbs the ApeCoin DAO (decentralized autonomous organization). They can also vote on how well the ApeCoin DAO Ecosystem Fund should be used.

Fundamental Analysis

Apecoin is the utility and governance token of Yuga Labs’ leading NFT endeavour, the Board Ape Yacht Club. On numerous NFT marketplaces, BAYC has over 10,000 distinct & innovative attributes of expensive ape pieces of art. The current panel of ApeCoin includes Alexis Ohanian, Amy Wu, Yat Siu, Maaria Bajwa, and Dean Steinbeck.

Even so, ApeCoin is something that neither Yuga Labs nor the BAYC devs have developed. Apecoin is ruled by the ApeCoin DAO, with the APE Foundation or community as the cohesive team!

On March 17, 2022, ApeCoin was released and listed on some of the most prevalent exchanges. Binance, FTX, Coinbase, etc. It was also airdropped to all BAYC investors and linked to various NFT catalogues. Apecoin has also been taken by the Mutant Ape Yacht Club and the Bored Ape Kennel Club.

Our Price Prediction

Even though the ApeCoin economy is currently highly volatile, it is anticipated to stabilize in the coming years. ApeCoin will initiate a long-term upward trend that may last until the decade’s end. That is, assuming we consider the big picture.

Also, the maximum expected price for the current year is $27 with a potential minimum price of $15. Moving ahead, the average price of the coin is anticipated to be around $24.

As per our forecast, ApeCoin is predicted to trade at the highest price of $46.50 by the close of 2024, according to our projections. The Price Prediction analysis shows ApeCoin will overtake the $100 mark in 2026. ApeCoin might reach a market worth of much more than $100.

Historical Market Sentiments


The ApeCoin price started to trade at $5 on March 17 and quickly soared over 250 percent during the first 48 hours. APE managed to pull slightly downward after striking the $18 milestone and is returning to recheck this area.

The price again legged to reach $15 at the end of March and rolled down to $12 by April 1. Almost around April 20, the price rose up to $20 and soared beyond $25 on April 29.

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A: You can easily buy Apecoin from any major exchange, including Binance, Coinbase, etc…

A: ApeCoin was founded newly and has gained popularity quickly; however, it is a good choice for your portfolio’s basket of crypto assets.

A: The ApeCoin DAO established ApeCoin as per ApeCoin’s website.

A: The asset pulled off trading with a starting price of $5.

A: The highest ever price of APE at the time of writing is $39.40.


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