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Andreesen Horowitz Flagship Crypto Fund Down 40% – What Will They Add to the Portfolio to Recover?

1 Nov, 20224 min readOther
Andreesen Horowitz Flagship Crypto Fund Down 40% – What Will They Add to the Portfolio to Recover?

The flagship crypto fund of venture capital firm Andreesen Horowitz lost 40% of its value in the first half of 2022 amid terrible macroeconomic conditions and the crypto bear market.

The fund is reported to have been the largest of its kind ever and worth $4.5 billion when established

Despite the ongoing struggles throughout the rest of 2022, Chris Dixon – who heads the fund – told the Wall Street Journal that Andreesen Horowitz, also known as 16z, remains faithful to their vision.

Mr Dixon, 50, said crypto “is about the political and governing structure of the internet. We have a very long-term horizon.”

With losses piling up and still a sizeable amount of spending money in the bag, a16z may look to a variety of projects to claw back some of their losses, with Mr Dixon echoing that sentiment.

“What I look at is not prices,” he added, “I look at the entrepreneur and developer activity. That’s the core metric.”

Here are some projects Andreesen Horowitz may consider in the latter part of 2022.

Dash 2 Trade – Crypto Intelligence and Analytics Platform

a16z has previously invested in smart protocols that will not only see growth as investment holdings but offer value to users.

Dash 2 Trade is one potential protocol that ticks those boxes, aiming to help its users become better crypto investors and traders by offering a range of metrics and insights that will help them make better-informed decisions.

The protocol, which has been named the best crypto presale of the year, is already gathering huge attention in the crypto world and has already raised $3 million in just a week since its presale went live.

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Dash 2 Trade Overview

Users of the dashboard will be able to get crypto trading signals that highlight buying /selling opportunities, while on-chain data will be analyzed and social media sentiment tracked to spot trends.

Traders can use a range of trading tools, automated trading API, and a back-tester that allows them to test in real-time without risking capital.

Dash 2 Trade is developing a bespoke scoring system to help its users spot and take part in new crypto presale projects.

It will use a variety of insights and research to give projects a score out of 100, while there will also be alerts for new coin listings.

Dash 2 Trade will be usable through a three-tier membership system where users subscribe using the native D2T token.

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Dash 2 Trade Presale Info

The Dash 2 Trade team has great credentials itself, is fully doxxed and has already successfully developed Learn2Trade, a beginners’ trading platform that has more than 70,000 users.

The team has been KYC-verified by CoinSniper, while the native D2T token scam-proof having been audited by SolidProof.

Currently, in stage 2 of its 9-stage presale, 700 million of the max 1 billion supply of tokens will be sold during the presale.

Stage 1 tokens, costing $0.0467, sold out in just three days, with tokens now on sale at $0.05. By the ninth and final stage, tokens will cost $0.0662 – a 39% increase from stage 1.

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Undervalued Top 50 Cryptos

In 2022, Andreesen Horowitz has had more of a reputation for investing in start-up firms – but they do have a long history of investing in established crypto projects.

Only two weeks ago they were part of $165 million investment in decentralized exchange Uniswap.

They invested in Solana in June 2021, more than a year after it launched, as well as OpenSea three years after it was first developed.

With the crypto markets down, the fund may look see certain undervalued crypto projects as ripe for investment.

Their current portfolio includes the likes of Avalanche, Maker, NEAR, and Phantom and projects such as Cosmos (ATOM), Algorand (ALGO), Theta Network (THETA), and Aptos (APTO) – protocols and blockchains with strong technical utility, world-class developers, and robust tokenomics – all appear to fit a16z’s previous modus operandi.

In fact, with the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum currently trading at 70% down from their all-time highs, it could also be a good time for the investment fund to buy the biggest coins at low prices.

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