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Ancient Dogecoin Address with 2.3 Million of Very First DOGE Activated After 9 Years

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Ancient Dogecoin Address with 2.3 Million of Very First DOGE Activated After 9 Years

Whale Alert crypto tracker has spread the word about a dormant Dogecoin wallet that has awakened after nearly nine years. It contains 2,374,814 meme coins, which are currently evaluated at $338,661.

💤 A dormant address containing 2,374,814 #DOGE (338,611 USD) has just been activated after 8.9 years!— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) November 2, 2022

Dogecoin was created by IT engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer back in the year 2013 as a parody on Bitcoin. DOGE also runs on the proof-of-work protocol and is mined together with Litecoin.

Dogecoin has become trendy again now that Elon Musk, the most influential fan of DOGE, has finally bought Twitter, and the community expects him to add Dogecoin payments.

In the meantime, whales, not as ancient as the one mentioned above, have become a lot more active and are moving massive amounts of DOGE. They have been shoveling much bigger amounts of this meme token.

1.1 billion DOGE on the move

According to several earlier tweets by the aforementioned source, anonymous wallets have shifted more than 1.100 billion Dogecoins over the past 24 hours. Some of it was moved to the Binance exchange.

The transactions carried astonishing amounts of Dogecoin – 299,999,998; 150,000,000 DOGE, etc. – with 449,999,998 being the largest lump on this list. The total worth of the shifted Dogecoins amounts to roughly $146.5 million.

A total of 41,096,902 Dogecoin were shifted to Binance and likely sold already as the price of the asset went up by 117% over the past week.

🚨 299,999,998 #DOGE (41,805,861 USD) transferred from unknown wallet to unknown wallet— Whale Alert (@whale_alert) November 1, 2022

Elon Musk considers adding DOGE to Twitter

On Nov. 1, Elon Musk posted a Halloween picture with a Shiba Inu dog wearing a T-shirt with a Twitter logo. The community took it as a hint at the integration of Dogecoin payments soon.

Now, when asked directly if he intends to integrate DOGE or if he is working with the Dogecoin dev team on this, Musk tweeted an eyes emoji.

👀— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) November 2, 2022

The community around Dogecoin began urging Musk to do what he has been talking about for a long time – make DOGE the currency of Twitter, now that he owns the platform.

In other news, Musk has now firmly decided that Twitter will charge $8 per month to every owner of a blue verification check. This made many on Twitter unhappy.

First, the billionaire wanted to charge $20 monthly for the support of the blue check, but many, including renowned U.S. writer Stephen King with 7 million followers responded negatively.

King stated that if the $20 fee were adopted, he would leave Twitter, and he has begun using Trump's social media app already.


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